My Achievement

One day when I was 8 years old, my uncle drove into the driveway with his trailer and four wheeler. After I helped he said ” Hop on” I backed up and said ” No way!” Then he picked me up and put me on the giant four wheeler and told me all the basics. He said “Go” and I took off through the woods. I checked my meter and I was going 100 mph. Now I still ride four wheelers.

the Industrial Revolutions bad side

Children had to work 12h each day and some even lost limbs in the mechiens. They also could not get out of the building they worked in. when they got sick or hurt the people who paid them.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               🙁

War of 1812 acrosstic poem

War lasted about 1.5 years

Andrew Jackson was one of the leaders for the Americans

Results of the war was America became a  contry

Orlens is were the war was faught

Febuary 17,1815 was when the war was over

1 leader of the war was James Madison for the Americans

8,600 British and Canadieans died

1 leader from the the British was


The Battle Of Cowpens

January 17,1781

The Battle of Cowpens

Cherokee Country, South Carolina

As the fierce troops march near the large battle line the brave leader, Daniel Morgan, saw the brightly cored suits of the redcoats and there leader, Banastre Tarleton. Get ready, take aim , fire! Boom! The black cannon shot out one big bomb. As men rushed toward the British they shot lots of red soldiers. The short battle didn’t last long before the British retreated and ran into the dark woods. This was a true turning point in the American Revolution. Only 60 Americans were wounded and 12 dead. 110 of the British wounded and 200 soldiers killed. please subcribe!!!!!!!

Patriot Poem

Rode through the night to alert tired  resting soldiers

found people to fight the British army

helped Revolutionary War

Sybil Ludington

made a difference

protected her father from reward

people celebrate Sybil Ludington for her bravery

by day break soldiers were ready to fight British

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