The Battle Of Cowpens

January 17,1781

The Battle of Cowpens

Cherokee Country, South Carolina

As the fierce troops march near the large battle line the brave leader, Daniel Morgan, saw the brightly cored suits of the redcoats and there leader, Banastre Tarleton. Get ready, take aim , fire! Boom! The black cannon shot out one big bomb. As men rushed toward the British they shot lots of red soldiers. The short battle didn’t last long before the British retreated and ran into the dark woods. This was a true turning point in the American Revolution. Only 60 Americans were wounded and 12 dead. 110 of the British wounded and 200 soldiers killed. please subcribe!!!!!!!

Patriot Poem

Rode through the night to alert tired  resting soldiers

found people to fight the British army

helped Revolutionary War

Sybil Ludington

made a difference

protected her father from reward

people celebrate Sybil Ludington for her bravery

by day break soldiers were ready to fight British

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Goal for 2017

My first goal for 2017 is to get better grades in all subjects. I am going to do this by studying a little bit harder and instead of watching TV. I will also do this by reading not 30 minutes a day but an hour. It might be hard but I can do it. My second goal for 2017 is do go outside more. I play a lot of video games that rots my brain and if I stop playing video games and watching TV then that will pay off on obeying my parents with a good heart. My third goal for 2017 is to read the bible more so I can get closer to GOD. The bible say’s the more good thing you do the more crown you get in HEVAN. Those are my Goals for 2017.


Today is Sunday 12:52 and it is the 20th of November. I came to church and served all day . I made 8 pots of coffee, cleaned all 8 of them and now I am in my dads office. my dad is the children pastor. So we have to come hear almost everyday. My mom is on the worship team and they have to be hear early. I have to wake up at 6:30 every Sunday to get to church on time. When I get home I  am going to feed the chickens and clean the coop up. Today I have to clean the coop. We have 5 chickens all female. I need a break. and thats what I do on Sunday.

The Kid Who Ran For President

I liked this book because a kid named Judson Moon ran for president and people thought it was impossible for a kid to run for president. The only down parts of this book is when he doesn’t chose his own friend as his first lady. He meets a reportor named Pete and Pete gives him a little advise that America chews up celebrities and spits them out. Pete goes of rail but I’m going to let you find that out for your self. Judson starts it out like a joke and it gets real! Lane is his campaign manager and they made a deal that he is in charge until election day. Then they’re Arthur Krantz who is other wise known as booger boy.Arthur and Judson get in a huge argument. They started calling each other names. At the end it all turns out just right. the election day is so cool and…